Direct access to patient-reported data

Our Mission

Acumen Health Research Institute provides world-class patient data, supporting your internal strategy development and external communications by enabling you to: quantify unmet medical needs, influence strategy, validate assumptions, supplement data for clinical trials, provide input into AMCP dossiers and/or models, support customer-facing tools and provide scientific communications to patients, physicians and payers.

Real-World Data

Assess the impacts of general health conditions on resource utilization, productivity, and health-related quality of life.

Information Access

Tap into AHRI's data bank of patient registries, risk sharing agreements, and government repositories from around the world.


Demonstrate the burden of disease, satisfaction with therapy, and desire for new treatments with AHRI's team of researchers.

About us...

Every medical condition has unanswered questions. AHRI was created out of a desire to contribute solutions to health-related research gaps at local, national and global levels. AHRI engages in all aspects of scientific research, from developing instruments to preparing manuscripts. Our team is committed to providing quality, affordable health-related data with the primary aim of improving patient healthcare.

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AHRI is a registered 501c3 located in Ann Arbor, MI